What happens next?

Congratulations on your life changing purchase! You are one step closer to seeing magic in your loved ones eyes.

These easy steps below will guide you on what to expect next….

Step 1

● Our Live Video Calling Service uses the Viber Chat App to speak to Santa.  If you have Viber already, then all you need to do is add Santa’s Direct Phone Number to your Contacts. If you do not have the Viber Chat App, then you can click on the Play Store link for Andriod or App Store link for Apple devices below.

Click on the Google Play or App Store Button

Step 2

● Install Viber on your selected device. It will send you a 6 digit verification code to your device via text message.  Some devices automatically save the 6 digit code into Viber.  Older devices may require you to input the 6 digit verification code manually, then you are ready to add Santa’s Number and the magic can begin….  

Step 3

● Add Santa’s Number to your contacts as “Santa” / “Santa Claus” / “Father Christmas”/ “Papa Noel” (country dependent) in this exact format including prefixes.

Santa’s phone number is +1 (803) 215 0246.

Please remember this number is a one-way external calling service and does not accept direct incoming calls from your landline or mobile.  

Step 4

● One of our Elves will contact you via e-mail within 24-30 hours to validate your purchase and schedule your Direct Call From Santa!!

Santa cannot wait to speak to your loved one……HO HO HO!!!

Step 5

● Please complete the “Schedule your video call form” below.

Schedule your Video Call - Information Form

Child Details (complete this form for each child having a video call and press "send now")

Step 6

● If you experience any problems with this install, please contact us. Our Chief Technical Elf Chuck will guide you effortlessly.

Thank you for being part of The Magic of Santa Live 365…..