Frequently Asked Questions

Overview of how the Live Video Call to Santa works

Ho Ho Ho! I am so pleased you have asked this question. The first thing you need to do is decide on what package you want and make the purchase. You will need to complete the Schedule information form/s. After this is done, you will receive a welcome letter and  “Chuck”, Santa’s new helper will be in contact with you.

Your video call will then be scheduled on a specific date and time. As per your schedule, your loved one will have their Live Video Call to Santa.

Is SantaLive365 Video Calling Service a "Live" Video Call to Santa?

Yes, absolutely! Ho Ho Ho! Many competitors claim to offer a live video call service but they are pre-recorded videos that simulate a live call.

Is Your Video Call to Santa for Kids and Adults?

Yes!! Everybody is welcome to use our Live Video Call Service to Santa. Its a fun filled interactive experience. You will love it!

How long is the Live Video Call to Santa?

The live video call to Santa is approx 3 Minutes. Some video calls may be slightly longer.

Are There any other Characters we can speak to?

Yes! We have Santa’s helpers, the Elves, our famous Reindeer and Mrs Claus.

What languages can Santa speak?

Santa can speak English and Elfish. 

What does Santa Chat About?

All the details are listed under the various packages. 

What is the Custom Topic mentioned in the Packages?

Custom topic is the topic you choose. It may be to congratulate you son / daughter on an academic, milestone or sports achievement or to remind your daughter / son to clean their room, listen to their parents, get good grades, to eat their greens or a subject or topic you are having trouble addressing.

How is payment made for your "Live" Video calling service?

Payment is conveniently made through PayPal. It is safe and secure. Credit Card / Debit Cards are also accepted through PayPal.

After Signup and Payment what is next?

You are sent a welcome letter and your credits are allocated to your account.  You will be directed to an instruction page detailing the easy to use steps to schedule your Live Video Call to Santa. You will also receive an e-mail detailing these easy steps.

If you are not directed to the instruction page, please click on “HERE

How long does it take to Schedule a Video Call to Santa?

After Payment is received, we usually request 24 hours to schedule the Live Video Call. Santa is very very busy you know…Ho Ho Ho!

Can I Purchase this Video call service and give it as a gift?

Yes! Absolutely you can. This service makes an amazing gift to send to loved ones. Talking to Santa Live is a gift of Love that will bring smiles to everybody who does. Please explore our affordable packages for bigger discounts. Once you have purchased your package, send us a request via our contacts page with your recipients email / contact details and we will do the rest 

What are the Trading Hours for receiving a Call from Santa?

Santa’s Live Video Call Service operates 24 Hours a day, 365 days a Year. Ho Ho Ho!

Is Your Live Video Calling Service Global?

Yes, That is correct. Santa delivers all his Live Video Calls from the North Pole to every corner of the globe. No place is too far for Santa.