Meet The Family


Santa Claus

The Father of Christmas


Santa Claus is the “Father of Christmas”. Everybody calls him Santa, St Nick, Kris Kringle, St Christopher or Papa Noel. He lives in the North Pole (where it is extremely cold, all year round…brrrrr). He wears a Big Red Hat, Bright Santa Suit, Big Belt with a Huge Square Buckle (To hold in his enormous belly) no doubt from Mrs Claus delicious cookies and Big Gumboots so that his feet doesn’t get cold when he goes out to feed the Reindeer.  He also wears white gloves for the super cold temperatures. Santa loves making toys with his many many elves, all year round to make sure that ALL children’s wishes come true….. Santa has a big book where he can see all the things you’ve done throughout the year and will tell him if you’ve been naughty or nice….


Mistle Toes

Santa's Magic Collector

Mistle Toes is Santa’s Speedy Elf.  Mistle Toes can run faster than the speed of light. He gathers all the materials needed for Santa and the Elves to make Christmas presents for all the children in the world. Mistle Toes is able to travel more than 187 000 miles per second, that’s crazzzzy fast… Often when you see a bright light, a blur, then a streak in the sky.…...that’s Mistle Toes collecting, running, giggling and delivering all the inventory items Santa needs to make his Toys. Santa relies on Mistle Toes every year, let’s face it …..Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without him.   Santa made-up a rhyme to get Mistle Toes to slow down and enjoy the view…....Let’s all stop and say the rhyme together now……..

“Mistle Toes, Mistle Toes, Everywhere He’s Got To Go,  Mistle Toes, Mistle Toes, Super Slow, Super Slow”



North Pole Decorator


SugarSnap Sparkles is The North Pole’s official designer.  She designs all the Christmas Decorations, Christmas Trees, Christmas Cards, Christmas Stockings, Christmas Lights and Christmas Accessories.  She loves bright colors and making all things Sparkle…. She once bedazzled Dasher from head to toe – it was a Glitter Storm as he raced all over the sky trying to shake off all the decorations. All the Elves were laughing and cheering as he lit up the night….that was a night to remember. SugarSnap Sparkles loves listening to Santa tell the story of how he met Mrs Claus, she is a bit of a romantic Elf. She also loves hearing Santa talk about the 12 Days Of Christmas, it’s always close to her heart.



Santa's 9th Reindeer


Santa has 9 Reindeer in total...their names are Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and last but not least…..Rudolph. He has a Special Ruby Red Nose that glows in the dark..… Rudolph is the Navigator of all the reindeer and his Ruby Red Nose helps Santa and the reindeer navigate the sky, through the snowy blizzards to make sure each and every child gets a present on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Rudolph’s nose is so bright at night it looks like a giant shooting star…. When Santa and the reindeer come close to children’s houses, Rudolph’s nose will blink very fast if children are in bed and sleeping signalling that it’s safe to land on the roof, that all is silent….and he can go ahead and deliver his presents.


Jolly Holly

Spreads Christmas Cheer


Jolly Holly helps Santa spread The Magic Of Christmas…..throughout the year. Jolly is a Master Comedian and Christmas Mood Maker.  She makes the Elves laugh all day long and brings Christmas Cheer to children especially on the Night Before Christmas. She’s been known to pop up behind the Elves and tickle their necks making them giggle uncontrollably.  She is a ray of sunshine and glimmer of hope for children of all ages….Jolly Holly also has a mini pet Gerbil that is fluffy and has a belly like Santa.  His Name is Jigga Gerbil.……  Jigga Gerbil has his own song and dance routine to entertain the Elves while they make toys all year round. “When you hear that giggle it’s time to do the Jigga Wiggle….”



Snow Maker


Frostee aka “The Snowman” is one of Santa’s closest friend’s. He is always super chilled and breezy. Frostee is in charge of creating snow in the North Pole and the rest of the world, to make sure everybody has a chance to build their own special snowman.  Making a snowman is sooo much fun, the whole family can help even Mom, Dad, Brothers & Sisters, even your Cousins, Aunts and Uncles….Frosty loves making snow cones and sprinkles some Christmas Flavor over the cones and magically those flavors melt into each other to make the tastiest, most splendiferous cones ever..….They are so yummy and just melt in your mouth.  If you’ve had a tasty snow cone, then just think Frostee made it deliciowishes…….thank you Frostee !!