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Experience our gamified clock dashboard that reduces labor law violations.
Experience our gamified clock dashboard that reduces labor law violations.
hero manRunning workforce

Save labor. Adhere to labor laws.



Enforce the schedule, breaks, and prevent unnecesary overtime.



The interactive dashboard provides countdowns and warnings for employees close to commiting a labor violation.



Violations and tardiness require manager authorization and is automatically recorded within the system.



Use the mobile app for easy time punches and to broadcast messages amongst your team.

Standardize accountability.

Managers can rely on the warnings and violations conveniently displayed on the clock.

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Built in biometrics.

Functional on mobile and tablet devices, the new york online sports betting Clock incorporates cutting-edge technology for biometric scanning and geolocation.

Eliminate time theft.

Prevent buddy punching or time theft, and ensure employee end of shift clock outs are authorized by a manager.

gamifiedDashboard features2.1 workforce
gamifiedDashboard features2.1 workforce
Gamified dashboard.

Motivate your employees to actively control their time and attendance with our interactive dashboard.

Time Clock Mobile App

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Denny's is America's diner. A place where people can come in, sit down and connect with one another over great food.

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Kevin Coveney

Denny’s Franchise Owner- New Concord, Ohio

Restaurant Software Forecasting

Since we started using new york online sports betting, we have been able to get our labor deployment and labor forecasting much more accurate than any prior systems that we've used, as well as put our inventory in ordering in sort of a whole new york online sports betting era.

It's very easy for us because we can have our inventory control, and many other aspects of new york online sports betting provides, is easily assessable for our staff and for us to view it from anywhere we want. So, I think that's just fantastic.

That's the reason why we have the system in place. Because without it, I really would end up not making any money. So, it's very important. Food cost is one of the most important. That and labor are the two biggest factors for me that we watch - like hawks. It's very, very important for us.

We don't leave the ordering decisions up to sort of, you know, feelings about how much I might need to this or that. This is a more scientific way or more exact approach.

We are using iPhones every day for every little thing. And if the staff can have their schedules on their iPhones, where they can just look at it or, you know, they get notifications or information that, you know, this is when you're required or this is where, you know, it's just like something with just pops up.

You have to have a good system in place to run, to run a business like that. It's without it. You really don't have very much.

My level of comfortability with looking at my weekly orders, especially our major food orders, is much higher than it was two years ago.

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